Welcome to Temple Audio.

The home of the Bantam Gold Audiophile Amplifier.

At Temple Audio we manufacture a range of small ultra modern amplifiers to suit all tastes and budgets.

Ranging from our basic low cost class T amp, all the way to our Temple Audio class D Monoblocks, the ultimate in small digital technology.

Our flagship product is the Bantam Gold. A miniature stereo digital amplifier with ten times better sound quality than class T, it offers performance that is normally only available from amplifiers that cost thousands of pounds.

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New Monoblock review and changes to our contact system.

We are pleased to let you know that the Temple Audio Monoblocks have been professionally reviewed for the first time on www.enjoythemusic.com.

Its a very informative and comprehensive review thats based on over a year of research and experimentation by a highly experinced reviewer for the mainstream HiFi press. So we recommend reading it even if you already own them. You can always learn something new.
You can read it at here.

Also, in response to a prolonged spam attack on our customer support system, we have updated our contact page to include a 'captcha code'. This ensures that only real human beings can send us messages.

Our priority with templeaduio.net is to make the site as simple and straightfoward as possible to use. Ultimately it came down to the fact that we were missing some customers questions due to high volumes of spam.


Bantam Gold used by Dyson in multi million pound R&D developments.

We are always fascinated to hear the unique and creative ways customers are using the Bantam Gold.

So we were especially pleased to recieve this video from Dyson LTD, an extra special customer who has been using Bantam Golds in their labs for many years now.
Yes, that is the same Dyson that is famous for making the worlds best vacuum cleaners. Although they do a lot more than that.

For my fellow technology geeks, the video is very interesting in itself. You can see the Bantam Gold about 30 seconds in.

Dyson are a great British technology company that strives for cutting edge performance through research and smart design, so we are incredibly proud to play a tiny part of what they are doing.

As a very low distortion amplifier The Bantam Gold will excel in a laboratory environment. Unlike a lot of Hifi It doesnt colour the sound in any way. Whatever signal you put in to it, thats exactly what you get out of the speakers, 'warts and all'.


Bantam Gold in HiFi Pig online Magazine.

Many people in the audiophile world will have heard of HiFi Pig magazine.
In this months edition they have featured a very nice user system with a Bantam Gold at its heart.

If you havent seen this months issue already, take a look here.


Christmas Posting dates for 2013.

Its that time of the year again.
Thanks to everyone who helped us continue our success in 2013. You know who you are.

If you want to be guaranteed your order will arrive in good time for Christmas, please observe the following deadlines:

UK16th of December
Western Europe10th of December
USA and Canada8th of December
Rest of the world6th of December

In the past we have delivered amps personally in the days running up to Christmas. Then we can deliver up to Christmas Eve. If your in Manchester and you want us to do that get in touch

Seasons greetings one and all.


Custom Colours for Christmas.

I know, nobody wants to hear that Christmas is coming in mid November.
But we do want to remind people that custom colours take about 2 - 3 weeks, so anyone interested in getting a custom colour before Christmas should get their order in as soon as possible.


Google Checkouts closing down.

Google are about to close down their payment service 'google checkouts' this November.

The replacement is called google wallet. It appears to be very similar to paypal except that you need a 'gmail account' to make payments.

We have removed the old google checkouts from the site and we will be implementing the new Google Wallets in due course.

We do still accept Paypal, Personal Cheque, Bank Transfers and UK credit cards (over the phone)


New monoblock version and PSU for 2013.

To accompany the newest version of our popular monoblock amplifier we have secured a deal for a vastly improved power supply from the same UK supplier as our other power supplies.
This raises the standard of the package even further. Without adding anything to the price you pay.

Currently we have UK, US and European mains leads. Australian customers will need to source their own mains plugs for the monoblock power supplies.

The power supplies for Bantam Golds and Bantam Classics do come with an Australian plug, so our friends down under can plug in and play with those.


Christmas Posting dates for 2012.

It doesnt seem long since last Christmas but here it is again.
Thanks to all our customers and friends for helping making 2012 a great year.

Final Christmas Posting dates are as follows:

UK15th of December
Western Europe9th of December
USA and Canada7th of December
Rest of the world5th of December

Orders placed after those dates will still be posted but they may not arrive in time for Christmas

Seasons greetings to everyone.


A little example of our custom work.

People often ask us about our 'custom capabilities', I thought Id post some pictures of one example of our recent custom projects for you all.
A customer wanted Eichmann cable pods and RCA connectors on his Monoblocks. But this wasnt a simple drop in replacement. It required a new back panel designing and precision machining.

Since we do all the machining in house at temple Audio, its not difficult for us to produce custom designs using our high precision CNC machine tools. With results like this.


Seasons greetings for 2012. Hope its a great year for everyone.

We have made some updates to the site and added a new product the XC3 Headphone Amp / Pre-Amp.
Click here to see that.


Bantam Golds back in stock and available to order. In good time for Christmas too.

Remember UK orders should be placed on the 18th at the very latest. South Manchester orders can be placed up to the 21st.


Christmas is just around the corner and we have already run out of Bantam Golds.
We should have the next batch in stock in time for UK customers to order for Christmas.

Most other products are in stock but in limited quantity. So order fast to ensure same day dispatch.

The deadline for international Christmas orders has now passed. UK orders should be placed on or before the 18th to ensure Christmas delivery. South Manchester orders can be placed up until the 21st and we will deliver them personally.


Bug on the website fixed.
We just fixed a bug on the shopping cart that prevented some users selecting the correct shipping destination.

Now all browsers have the same functionality on the store. Including webkit browsers (safari and chrome).


We can now accept credit card payments by Telephone.
As our business grows we are always trying to make things easier for you the customer.

We now have the facility to accept credit/debit card payments over the phone and process them instantly in to our Barclays business account.

We can accept all major cards including: Visa, Visa Debit, Mastercard, Maestro and JCB. Just call us on 07717 536254 and place an order.

Currently we can only accept telephone payments in Pounds sterling.

Looking forward to your call

New! Bantam Gold with bypassed volume knob.
At the request of customers we have created a version of our Bantam Gold without the volume pot or knob.

The price is the same as the standard Bantam Gold. If you want that option, just let us know when you order.


Bantam Gold Review!
Yes you read it right this is our first professional review.

Ive been a long term reader of TNT audio, and a supporter of their campaign for real stereo.
So I couldnt be happier to know that TNT Audio have published the first (and currently only) professional review of the Bantam Gold.

Click here to read it now!Grazie,


Changes for 2011.
We are about to implement some of the changes for 2011.

We have added a wishlist feature to the site. When a product is out of stock in our store, you can click on it and enter your email address. You will be notified as soon as it comes back in stock.
This should keep the general mailing list separate from people just waiting for stock of a particular product.

On another note about stock, our Class T low end amplifiers will be back in stock by Frebruary.

Finally another update we have to make im afraid. In response to the VAT rises we will be tweaking the prices of our products and postage a little bit. Starting in February.
Monoblocks and Bantam Golds will remain the same price but will no longer come with hand made RCA/phono cables, you can still buy them separately if you wish.

Even with the slight price increases we still offer the most compettitively priced, highest performing, truly British Made audio gear on the market.


Seasons Greetings everyone.
We just about made it through Christmas.

I think pretty much everyone got their orders in time for the big day.
We are already preparing orders for the new year. We will begin posting them out on the 3rd of January.

Thanks to every single one of our customers in 2010. Hopefully for us 2011 goes just as well.


Christmas Order Deadlines.
Just a quick update to let everyone know our last order dates before Christmas.

If you want to place an order and have it guaranteed to arrive in time for christmas, please consult the following table for postage deadlines in your area.
We will still accept and send out orders after these deadlines, but your order may not arrive in time for Christmas.

We are also going to continue the tradition of the past few years, and hand deliver orders placed in the South Manchester area around Christmas time.
This means we arent relying on the postal service during their busiest period.

Not only that, but you will get your amp delivered by one of the people who helped designed the amp. So you can ask questions and get expert advice.
Im not sure if many other audiophile companies offer that service.


Bantam Monoblock in stock.
At last the Temple Audio Monoblock is in stock and available to purchase.
Thanks to everyone for being so patient during the long delay.

Orders are dealt with on a first come first served basis.

Click here to read more

Bantam Golds will be in stock very soon


Bantam Classic Finally back in stock.
We just finished making a batch of Bantam Classics so they are in stock. For now.

Bantam Monos and Golds will be back very soon as well.


The Bantam Classic is Back in stock.
The XC is back in stock too.

Thanks for waiting so patiently


Bantam Gold In Stock

Read More here.

Bantam and Bantam USB Back in stock
After almost a month out of stock the Bantam classic is back in stock available to buy.

We also have Bantam USBs in limited quantities.

Both models are now available to purchase in our store.

Bantam Gold is here
Its been a long time coming but we have finally perfected our latest amplifier.

Intended to be the ultimate quality small digital amplifier, the Bantam gold improves on the Bantam in every way possible.

Head over to the Bantam Gold page to find out more.

Stock Issues
You may notice when visiting the store that the Basic Bantam is out of stock.

If you have already placed an order, rest assured you will receive it.

We are working tirelessly to build more and get them back in stock as soon as possible.
All we can say in our defense is we never expected the Bantam to become so popular in such a short time.

New Contact System Added!
In an effort to furter improve communication with our customers, we have recently upgraded our contact system.

Our new system operates entirely within your web browser, it keeps an archive of all your messages and should be much more reliable than email alone.
A valid Email address is still required.

As this is a brand new system we invite you to try it out and let us know how it works for you.
You can still email us directly if you prefer.



Happy New year!
As 2009 ends and 2010 begins I would like to say thanks to everyone who made Temple Audio a success in 2009.

With the support of you guys, our customers. We plan to work even harder to make 2010 just as successful as 2009.

Please note the first week after new year is sometimes a bit slow but we will be back to same day dispatch by the second week in January for most models.

Hope everyone had a great 2009. Roll on 2010.


Last Order Dates before Christmas.
The last day to order in time for Christmas is Wednesday 16th of December for UK deliveries.

The deadlines have now passed for international delivery.

So if you place an order after the last order date, it may still arrive for Chrismtas but its not guaranteed.

Postal Service Back To normal.
We are happy to anounce the post office have confirmed that there will be no more strike action before Christmas.
All services will be back to normal.

So you can now buy with confidence that your order will arrive with you in a timely manner.

We have still left the option for 'Parcel Force' in the store for those who still want it.

We Supprt Real Stereo.
After reading the wonderful page on TNT audio, we have decided to show our support for real stereo.

Those of us who have experienced well recorded music through a good quality stereo system know all about the spatial (3D) information that comes through stereo music. (check our feedback page for examples).
Many of us have noticed that music recording standards have dropped in recent years, as people forget the true value of proper stereo recording.
We have to show our support for real stereo and educate others so the record industry will continue to produce true stereo recordings that we enjoy so much.

Want to know more?
Take a look at the Real Stereo Page at TNT Audio.

Parcel Force Delivery Option Added to our store.
No doubt our UK customers have heard that the Royal mail are planning several short strikes over the christmas period.

Royal Mail has assured us there will be minimal impact to the Special Delivery service. But for your peace of mind during this busy time we have added parcel force 48 as a delivery option in our Online store.

Simply select Parcel force from the drop down list on the shopping cart page.

For more information about ordering and shipping, click here

Bantam XC2 and USB Manuals have arrived
Following the release of our 2 newest models. Product manuals for the Bantam XC2 and USB can now be downloaded from the product page or the quick links panel on the right.