The Temple Audio Gold RCA/Phono interconnect.

Purchase the Bantam Gold RCA/Phono interconnects.

A very high quality hand made RCA/phono to RCA/phono cable. Suitable for connecting any high quality audio source with any high quality Amplifier.

  • Short 0.5 or 1 Meter Length.
  • Fully woven copper screen.
  • Low Dielectric Teflon separator for low capacitance.
  • Solid Bronze core eliminates 'skin effect'.
  • All soldered connections.
  • High Tolerance Professional Gold plated Connectors.
  • Red and Black bands for identification.
  • Bullet proof design. 1 Year Warranty.
  • Hand Made in England.

The Temple Audio Speaker Wiring Kit.

Purchase the Bantam Speaker Wiring Kit.

A complete, high quality speaker wiring kit. Designed for the Bantam.

High quality parts selected by the Temple Audio Team to work flawlessly with our range of Digital Amplifiers.

For Analog amplifiers please consult your user manual to ensure the amplifier has no problems driving a 'twisted speaker cable'

  • Heavy Duty Speaker wire.
  • Twisted Wire for better noise rejection.
  • 99.999% Oxygen free copper.

  • 8 High Quality 4mm Nakamichi Branded Banana plugs.
  • 100% Oxygen Free copper lugs with 24K gold plating.
  • Dual grub screw design for superior grip and contact.
  • Convenient design (shroud can be put on after lug)
  • Colour Coded

Kits are available in 6 or 12 Metre lengths. This is the total length for the wire you will receive.

If you want your wiring kit to be pre assembled, we can do that at no extra cost. But you will need to contact us and let us know what lengths you want each wire to be.

The Bantam power supply.

Purchase the Bantam PSU.

A low cost but great quality power supply. Suitable for the Bantam Classic or any high quality electronic equipment.

Please note, the Bantam Gold comes with an even better quality Power supply. A separate PSU is required for the Bantam Classic/XC2/USB.

  • 12V 1.2Amp Electrical Output.
  • Exceptionally Low Noise, Inline type. Not a plug top supply.
  • Fully protected output
  • 2.1mm standard DC socket
  • US, UK and European plugs available as standard.
  • Other plugs available on request.
  • CE certified

Purchase Bantam Accessories

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