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Introducing the Temple Audio Bantam.
A British made, compact, portable Hi-Fi quality Class T integrated digital amplifier.

Using state of the art Class T technology, we pack exceptional sound reproduction in to a small package.

Audio Features

  • Critically acclaimed, Class T Quality Sound.
  • Superior Clarity, hear every detail.
  • Effortless Dynamics, fills the room.
  • Completely Hand Built in England.

What Is class T technology and why is it so special?

A Perfect Partner.
The Bantam connects out of the box to any PC or portable media player. But its impressive sound quality and integrated pre-amplifier make it a match for much higher end audio sources like audiophile CD or record players.

Prepare for a new way of listening to music.
The Bantam uses superior digital technology which doesnt suffer from analog 'cross over' distortion.
This means the Bantam reproduces every detail hidden in your music, that most analog amps cant handle.

Whatever your musical tastes, you may find yourself compelled to listen to your entire record collection again once you make the step up to class T.
Dont say we didn't warn you!

High Quality Hardware.
To make the Bantam a true HiFi Amplifier, its housed in a high quality Aluminum enclosure.
Hand built in England, the Bantam has a host of hardware features, here are just a few:

  • Alps high quality Audio Pot
  • Stereo 15 Watts Per channel RMS.
  • 0.03% Total Harmonic Distortion
  • Genuine Tripath TA2024c chip
  • 90% Power Efficiency
  • High quality Gold Plated Connectors.
  • Compact Design
  • Compatible with almost all speakers
  • Stereo Jack to phono cable included*
  • 1 Year Warranty

*(for easy connection to PC, MP3 player etc)

Upgrade your Audio Now.
The Bantam is backed up by a UK company, with full warranty and after sales support.
This is a well made product using genuine class T chips.
It is not a cheaply made grey import from China.

More technical information on the Bantam is available from the Spec Sheet.


About the Bantam PSU (Power Supply).

The Bantam requires 12V DC power input via a 2.1mm round DC socket (center pin positive).
To those who need it, we offer a power supply (PSU) which allows you to power the amplifier from the mains electricity supply.

For Info on Bantam accessories, including the power supply, click here.

Purchase the Bantam

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Temple Audio Bantam Frequently Asked Questions.