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Introducing the Temple Audio Bantam Gold.

The ultimate small desktop Amplifier that punches well above its weight.

Rather than adding to or changing the sound, The Bantam Gold is intended to reproduce the recorded track with the least distortion possible.

That means, compared to an older amp, a track played through the Bantam Gold will sound more like the real instrument or voice when it was originally performed. Offering a realism and detail to your music that simply isnt possible with older technology.

The new Bantam Gold still retains the quality, value for money, versatility and reliability of the original Bantam.

Improvements over the Original Bantam

  • Ten times less distortion for even higher sound quality.
  • More Powerful Output. 25 Watts per channel (RMS).
  • All metal enclosure with CNC milled body and end panels.
  • Superior quality connectors and switchgear.
  • 3 Year Warranty as standard!
  • Still completely Hand Made in the UK.

Improvements over the Series 1 Bantam Gold

  • Even higher quality PCB
  • Wider enclosure for easy access to connectors.
  • Hard wearing glossy finish.
  • Better ergonomics, smaller volume knob.
  • 'Self healing' power button
  • Brand name Connectors(Neutrik).

Ultimate Compatibility.
The Bantam Gold connects out of the box to any good quality HiFi audio source.
To further enhance the compatibility the Bantam Gold features two gain settings. Low and high gain can now be selected using the power button.

Take your sound system in to the 21st Century.
There is a lot of subtelty and detail in a well recorded audio track, that you wont hear if your current amp is smudging it all out with its poor performance.
Ultra low distortion makes an amplifier sound more realistic, it can also unlock the 3d positioning in a well recorded audio track. Producing 3d sound in far superior quality to any surround sound system.

Based on an even newer design, the Bantam Gold has the highest resolution, and lowest distortion of any Bantam Amplfier.
In fact the new output stage completely outperforms any class T implementation we have tried. (and we produce one of the best class T amps on the market today)

High Quality Hardware.
The Bantam Gold is housed in a precision made, all aluminium enclosure. CNC machined for a perfect fit.

Add to the mix a number of ergonomic and cosmetic improvements based on customer feedback from the first edition of the gold, (see bullet points above).
Hand built in the UK, the Bantam has a host of hardware features, here are just a few:

  • Improved second edition Bantam Gold!
  • NEW Military grade, Nickel Gold plated PCB.
  • Alps high quality Audio Pot
  • Stereo 25 Watts Per channel RMS.
  • 0.005% Total Harmonic Distortion
  • 90% Power Efficiency
  • High quality, high tolerance Gold Plated Connectors.
  • Illuminated Power button with soft blue glow.
  • Low and High gain settings
  • Compact, rugged design
  • Compatible with almost all speakers
  • 3 Year Warranty by a UK company.

Power Supply Included.

The Bantam comes complete with a high quality, low noise 15V 3A power supply.
It still works great with Sealed lead acid batteries, or any high quality power supply between 9V and 15V DC.

Upgrade your Audio Now.

The Bantam is backed up by a UK company, with full warranty and after sales support.


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