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Introducing the Temple Audio Bantam USB.
A compact portable Hi-Fi quality Class T integrated digital amplifier and USB DAC / Sound card.

By Combining our Class T power amp and USB DAC(Sound Card) into one box we have created the ultimate simple solution for high end PC audio.

The Bantam USB is a simple modern design. Simple always produces the best sound quality.
Simple means easy to use too.

DAC Features

  • Plug and play with Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7.
  • Digital volume adjustment.
  • Audiophile Sound Quality (0.006% THD+N)
  • Oversampling, Noise shaping and low pass filters.

The digital volume knob and microprocessor interface provides Lossless digital volume control. Turning the volume on the Amplifier adjusts the volume slider on your computer. Having a single point of volume control increases sound quality.

A Perfect Partner.
The Bantam USB provides speaker output for any Windows PC.
The class T power stage will drive many rare and exotic speaker types, from high sensitivity single driver systems, to monitors, to electrostatics.
Inbuilt protection for the speaker output is standard across the whole range of Bantam Amplifiers.

The Bantam USB uses the same class T amplification design as the regular Bantam.
To find out more about that, click here to view the basic Bantam..

Bantam Power Amp features.
The Bantam USB housed in a high quality Aluminum enclosure. The USB connection is provided by a tough strain releif cable.
Hand built in England, the Bantam has a host of hardware features, here are just a few:

  • Stereo 15 Watts Per channel RMS speaker output.
  • 0.03% Total Harmonic Distortion on the power amp
  • 90% Power Efficiency
  • High quality Gold Plated Connectors.
  • Compact Design
  • Compatible with almost all speakers
  • USB Extension cable included*
  • 1 Year Warranty

*(gives you a bit more length if your PC is far away from your amp)

What Is class T technology and why is it so special?

Upgrade your Audio Now.
The Bantam USB is backed up by a UK company, with full warranty and after sales support.

More technical information on the Bantam is available from the Spec Sheet.


Frequently asked Questions

What is a USB DAC?
A USB Dac is an external sound card that connects to your Windows PC with a USB cable.
The DAC overrides your normal sound card, giving a massive boost in performance over internal sound cards.

Why does a USB DAC sound better than my standard sound card?
There are several reasons.
The most important advantage from an external DAC is that it takes the sound card functions away from the harsh environment inside the computer.
Without the electrical noise from powerful computer hardware, background hiss is eliminated and distortion is drasticly reduced.
The crisp clarity and precision of your music is suddenly revealed.
The Bantam USB turns your Windows PC into a serious audiophile setup.

Is it complicated to get up and running with the Bantam USB?
No Its very easy.
All the drivers are built in to Windows Operating System.
Just plug in, turn on and play.

Does the Bantam USB work well with FLAC?
The Bantam USB works with all audio formats, the higher bitrate the better.

About the Bantam PSU (Power Supply).

The Bantam requires 12V DC power input via a 2.1mm round DC socket (center pin positive).
To those who need it, we offer a power supply (PSU) which allows you to power the amplifier from the mains electricity supply.

For Info on Bantam accessories, including the power supply, click here.

About the Bantam Wiring kit.

The Bantam is very versatile in the speaker wires it will accept.
But we offer a complete wiring kit, for those who need it as an alternative to the overpriced speaker wire and banana plugs offered in many high street shops.

For Info on Bantam accessories, including the wiring kit, click here.

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Temple Audio Bantam Frequently Asked Questions.