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Temple Audio Bantam USB FAQ

What is a USB DAC?
A USB Dac is an external sound card that connects to your Windows PC with a USB cable.
The DAC overrides your normal sound card, giving a massive boost in performance over internal sound cards.

Why does a USB DAC sound better than my standard sound card?
There are several reasons.
The most important advantage from an external DAC is that it takes the sound card functions away from the harsh environment inside the computer.
Without the electrical noise from powerful computer hardware, background hiss is eliminated and distortion is drasticly reduced.

The crisp clarity and precision of your music is suddenly revealed. The Bantam USB turns your Windows PC into a serious audiophile setup.

Is it complicated to get up and running with the Bantam USB?
No Its very easy.

All the drivers are built in to Windows and MAC Operating Systems.

In windows you just plug in, turn on and play.
With the MAC its the same, but you also need to select the Bantam USB DAC as your primary sound card.

Does the Bantam USB work well with FLAC?
The Bantam USB works with all audio formats, the higher bitrate the better.

Which operating systems are compatible with the Bantam USB?
The bantam USB has full comatability with:
  • Windows XP and newer
    (including vista).
  • All modern Mac operating systems
    (patched to latest version).
What about LINUX based operating systems?
The Bantam USB has partial compatability with Linux based operating systems.

The audio output works right away.
But The volume control on the amp often requires expertees in your Linux operating system to get it to function properly.
Anything is possible with Linux. But in some cases getting the volume control to work is beyond the capabilities of the average user.