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Temple Audio Bantam XC2 FAQ

Will this amp sound better than the standard headphone output of my current system?
This varies from system to system but typically the answer is yes.

The headphone output on most amplifiers is usually an afterthought focused on getting a headphone output for the lowest cost.
Often using the speaker amplifier to drive the headphones.

Outputs from media players, computers and other modern devices are usually very weak and have an impedance that fluctuates wildly across the audio band.

This problem is compounded if you purchase high performance headphones, which can be a tricky load to drive.

The Headphone amplifier in the XC2 is a dedicated class A design which has evolved over several years.
Its specification allows it to drive even the toughest loads.
It protects your equipment from faults and it has the quality of a top of the range stand alone headphone amp.

Why XC2? Was there an XC1?
Yes. The XC2 is the second revision of our Class A headphone amplifier.

Based on customer feedback from the original XC, our aim with the XC2 was to acheive the same sound quality with an increased voltage gain for devices where the output volume is not loud enough.

We have accomplished that by using high quality Zetex mosfets and an overall feedback loop with a gain of 3 (volume adjustable).
This design also allowed us to reduce the impedance still further and keep the crystal clear sound quality that the XC was named after.

I just want to use the XC2 as a stand alone headphone amp. Is there any down side to that?
None at all, in fact we anticipated this.

When you connect the headphones, the speaker amplifier is powered down completely.
Saving energy and eliminating any interfearence the power amp could have on the headphone amp.

Is the speaker amplifier in the XC2 the same as the normal Bantam?
Yes. Its the same power amplifier that has received all the wonderful customer testimonials you can read on the product page for the basic Bantam.

To ensure ultimate quality for years to come, we dont even use the break switch in the headphone socket.
We use japanese signal relays to route the audio in the shortest path. Like it is on the Bantam.

I have low impedance headphones which are tough for some headphone amps to drive. Will the XC2 have a problem with them?
No. Tough loads are what the XC2 was designed for.

The mosfet output of the Bantam XC2 is so tough it can drive speakers. Yet it remains fully protected against short circuits or other failures.

The output of my current system is too quiet on my headphones. Will the XC2 boost the headphone volume?
Yes. The headphone amp has a voltage gain of 3 (volume adjustable). Which boosts the volume three fold.

The Mosfet output easily provides the power needed by the increased signal in order to drive even the highest performance headphones.

Is there any burn in time for the XC2? What is the recommended burn in procedure?
Due to the efficient and smart design of the Bantam, a complex burn in process is not required.

The power amp is designed with metal film capacitors throughout the audio signal path, so it requires minimal burn in time.
The headphone amp needs just a few hours plugged in for it to sound at its best.

During this time you can have the amp off, or on playing music. It doesnt matter.