Hi John A week of listening to the iMac feeding your very clean sounding DAC amp that's driving my home made bookshelf speakers has all together proven an addictive combination.

Took a punt with your product and it's worked out very well.

- Thanks
Daniel B..

Hi John I came home last night and bored my wife for an hour about hi-fi. I stood in the kitchen listening to 'Best of Acid Jazz' on the Bantam and could not believe the quality. We went and listened to the same music in the conservatory on the Teac and Boses. No comparison. The living room was an unfair comparison as I have my big KEFs in there so they picked out more detail. I tried to describe hifi to her:
1. Vertical - how the equipment picks out frequencies ie from a bass drum to a soprano and does not concentrate on the middle stuff like cr@p Argos stuff
2. Horizontal - close your eyes and 'feel' the sound stage. It should not come out of two speakers in front of you.
She got it!!!
She said in the kitchen with the Bantam and DAC that she felt she felt the sound was 'around her'!
Hehe - maybe a hifi addict!

- Kind regards